Our mission

We are a small family owned business running from the Sunny State, Queensland helping our customers find discount furniture within their budget.

At Budget Furniture Online we believe stylish beautiful homes can be achieved on any budget. We are committed to sourcing pieces that will achieve that wonderful sense of pride and love for your home. The best part is you never have to leave your home to find that new look or that special piece you’ve been looking for.

By offering a fully online service, we are 100% committed to focusing on you and providing a quality service. We understand the desire to be kept informed and the frustrations when someone doesn’t get back to you.

Because we are a family owned and operated team, we love what we do and pride ourselves on our reputation. So we aim to provide our customers with exceptional customer service and great quality furniture at the best prices!

Our Vision

As an online business established in 2016, we have envisioned being Australia’s largest provider of affordable furniture with reputation of always providing excellent customer.

This is our vision and we know we are not quite there yet, as well as expecting a few hiccups along the way but with our perseverance and passion to help Australians happily furnish their home within their desired budget.

We will continue to source modern and stylish furniture at affordable prices and provide our customer with payments options that will give our customers ability to keep more money in the bank while still being able to purchase that special piece for their home, and we believe we are on the right track.

By aiming for the moon we believing that maybe we might eventually hit the stars, while our customers reap the rewards of our hard work we get to enjoy knowing that we helped style their home all within a budget that keeps their bank account happy.