Bedroom Bliss

There’s nothing like a bedroom that calls you to bed because it’s comfortable, calming and you just can’t wait to snuggle up in it for a good night’s sleep.

The key to a good night sleep though is definitely a good mattress. When comparing cost versus quality bear in mind we sleep on our mattress on average, 8 hours day, 365 days a year and that equates to 2920 hours every year. Your overall health and general well-being is dependent on you being able to get a good night sleep. So the question we need to ask is. How much a good night sleep is worth and what am I prepared to pay in order to enjoy it? Decide on the type of mattress that suits you. Do you prefer soft, firm or in between. Will a topper be an option to help you create a soft feel to a firmer mattress. Inner spring or memory foam. Try them out and then compare prices remembering to add in shipping to your overall cost.

A good Bed Frame can do more than just hold your mattress in place. With so many bed-frames to choose it’s import to consider some key points. What kind of material do I want in my room? Timber, Leather, Fabric or something wildly different? Is the base going to be slat, solid or an ensemble?

Should I consider all that space inside the bed that could be used for storage and invest in a Gas lift bed-frame or even just a bed frame with drawers? Keeping these questions in mind will help you to invest in furniture that not only looks good but is functional. Good storage solutions will reduce clutter and stress. Definitely worth paying a little bit more for the added benefits if this is going to enhance your storage capacity and improve your life by getting things in order.

The bedroom is not just for sleeping….. We store and hang our clothes, our valuables and sometimes we even throw in a chair for a little peace and quiet in order to read a book. Of course an accent chair can help lift the colour in your room and add some texture and style with cushions. Creating a blissful bedroom – one that you really want to spend time in – will change your home and help improve your sleep.

Another point to consider is your bedroom furniture. What type of furniture can I use to stow my belongings? A  Tallboy cabinet makes an excellent addition to the overall storage in your bedroom if you have the space. You can mix n match, colour co-ordinate or buy a full bedroom set.  Usually something that suits or matches your bedside tables. Speaking of which when choosing bedside tables you should consider the height of your bed, how much storage you need next to the bed, the colour of your existing furniture and the overall theme in your bedroom.

Mood lighting is essential to helping you wind down in the evening.  Invest in a dimmer switch, a night light or even just a lamp to help create that sleepy mood by slowing down your mind so you can’t wait to go to sleep. Another option for light could be a diffuser. A diffuser is not just for nights when you are feeling sick.  Diffusers can be used to help you sleep by choosing a good oil like Lavender or Vanilla these oils are renowned for inducing a restful sleep.

Of course the finishing touches on your bedroom will be essential to the overall look so consider your curtains (do you need block out or sheer). Cushions for the bed and chairs and a soft rug for the floor.

Whatever you choose especially if you’re shopping online make sure you check heights, widths and depth of furniture. Why? A cramped bedroom doesn’t create a feeling of bliss and can be frustrating to keep clean and tidy.

At Budget Furniture Online we have a huge selection of bedroom furniture to choose from. The measurements on each piece are very useful for checking that your furniture will fit comfortably in your room. We work hard to keep our prices low and affordable so regardless of your budget everyone can have a calming and blissful bedroom.

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