Black Friday Cyber Monday – BFO style

Black Friday Cyber Monday – BFO style

What is this talk you may well ask?  Well its like a boxing day sale way before boxing day in preparation for Christmas.

The sales of course originated in America ‘The land of the great white sale’!  Initially Philadelphia in the 1960’s it was the day after Thanks Giving when the crowds would hit the shops and start their Christmas buying Frenzy.  The Frenzy continued throughout history until today it’s more of an online Frenzy for electronics..

There’s nothing like getting a bargain and we at BFO know how much you love to shop and save. So we’ve been collecting our gift idea’s and outdoor sales. to celebrate BFCM we’ve brought it some amazing electronic savings. Perfect presents for Christmas and a massive saving to you our valued customers.

In line with the electronic theme our sales will consist of items that are historically popular plus a few more that we think might be a good gift idea’s.

When is Black Friday 2018 and Cyber Monday 2018?

Black Friday is the Friday immediately after the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, so this year it’s November 23, 2018 in Australia.Cyber Monday, as the name may suggest, is the Monday immediately after Black Friday. So this year Cyber Monday 2018 will fall on Monday, November 26.

Only one week to go. We’ve got our skates on and we’re hauling in the products for you to check out before the deals commence.

Here is a taste of what is to come.

As an added Bonus all our products chosen for this sale will be ‘FREE SHIPPING’  YAY!

Wine glasses. Anything wine really. Some awesome Crystal glasses in stock now! look out for the price drop this coming Thursday.

Diffusers – They have always been in our shop. But for BFCM we are slashing our Diffuser prices.

Wireless Speakers – Great gift idea’s and one is especially for the outdoors.

Mini Projector. – The perfect gift for the whole family. Watch your favourite videos’ anywhere.

All things Bamboo. Cutlery trays, lap top trays, breakfast trays, Shoe racks etc.

1000TC Sheet Sets. Gotta get some new sheets for the holidays. New in stock and on sale this coming Thursday.  Yay!


Our BFCM sale will start 6.00pm On Thursday the 22 November. 

Just cause we want you to get in early and not miss out.