10 Reasons to Shop with Us!

1.   We are a family business and Australian owned. Any profits stay in Australia and go back to other Australian companies.

2.   12 Months Warranty on our stock. Peace of mind on the rare occasion something might go wrong.

3.   Free Shipping. Whenever we can we offer free shipping to make shopping easy for you. Over 1000 of our products will be shipped to you without freight cost. If there is no free shipping on our heavier items it is because the difference between states means we can’t compete for price by offering free shipping.

4.   We go out of our way to give you the best customer service. We care because we are a small business and we rely on you, our customer. So we aim to make you happy.

5.   We have a 12 day Easy return policy. If you really don’t like what you have bought you can send it back. (see return policy for terms and conditions)

6.   Payment options like Afterpay helping you spread out the cost and PayPal for safe shopping.

7.  You can speak to us. We prefer email but if you would like to contact us you can leave a message on the answering machine if we don’t answer, email and ask us to call you.

8.  We work hard to keep our prices low. If you find something you like and it’s on another site at a cheaper price we will meet it. (conditions apply)

9.  Subscribe to our Newsletter and receive just 2 emails a month but get one of your orders. (There are some Thank You emails and Tracking number emails)

10.  We have an online Community. Join our Facebook group to get up to date information on trends and our sales. Ask your interior decorating questions or get an opinion from the group.