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Beautiful Dining Room Tables, Dining Chairs & Dining Table Sets Online at Cheap Prices

Budget Furniture Online offer the best in cheap dining table & chair sets within Australian family budgets. We work hard to find the best deals on dining tables, chairs and accessories. Not to mention our focus on offering whole sale prices, without ever compromising on quality. We source our products from reputable manufacturers and Australian suppliers. So you can enjoy peace-of-mind that your money is well-spent. No matter what you are looking for be it a complete dining room set or just one or two pieces to complete your décor. You’ll find it all in our massive selection.

We work hard to bring the people of Australia quality – cheap dining tables and chairs sets

Budget Furniture online is an Australian-owned and operated business. Our mission is to help Australians improve their homes within their budgets and enjoy a better standard of living. We regularly check the markets so we can offer the most competitive prices. Then we will find the most affordable shipping rates in the country. Regardless of your location, whether in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, the Northern Territory or South Australia we do our best to offer fast free shipping.

How to buy dining room tables, dining chairs & dining sets online with Afterpay & Shipping Australia-wide

Buying dining room furniture, dining table & chair sets is easy with Afterpay and BFO. There are no credit checks or interest charges and your purchase price is divided into more easily manageable amounts that you pay each fortnight or week. It’s the simplest, most convenient way to get the dining tablesbar stools and living room furniture that you want now, regardless of the price tag at no extra cost to you.

Spend some time at our store and once you choose our suppliers will ship your purchase to almost anywhere in Australia. Previously, you might have spent your weekend searching for dining room furniture But now days there is no more trying to squeeze furniture into your own car or paying high prices for a third-party company to deliver it. Simply place your order and BFO will organize it all for you without any hassle.

Get in touch with our team about our cheap dining tables and chair sets

For more information about anything in our range, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team has the product knowledge and expertise you need to make an informed purchase and find the right pieces for your lifestyle and décor. Use our online contact form or send us an email at We’ll be happy to provide all the details you need, as well as answer your questions regarding shipping, or any existing orders you may have. Enjoy shopping!