Feng Shui Your Furniture On A Budget

The ancient principle of Feng Shui is all about arranging your home in a way that promotes peace and positivity. It focuses on furniture placement, De-cluttering, and increasing light and air to create a home that enhances energy, creates harmony, and increases financial success.

Practical Placement

In all rooms of the home, furniture placement is very important.

  • • In the living room, furniture should be arranged to accommodate conversation and take emphasis away from the television. Never place furniture where it can block pathways, and always place sofas and seating directly against the wall.
  • • In the bedroom, place the bed against the wall and facing toward the doorway. Place identical lamps on either side of the bed and remove mirrors to promote harmony.
  • • Place a green plant, real or artificial, on the toilet tank in the bathroom to keep the energy flowing properly.
  • • Knives in the kitchen should be put away in drawers as the sight of them can cause strife. Keep burners clean and in working order.

It is very important to keep each room free of clutter. Clutter is a main cause of negative energy. It might take you time to clear away the papers, books, and items that are cluttering up your tables and counter-tops, but it is well worth it to lighten the load.

Light & Air

Adding light and air to your home are important aspects that do not need to cost a fortune. Lighting enhances the mood that you are trying to create. Open the windows and let natural light and fresh air flow. Buy plenty of green plants for air purification. If your home does not get a lot of natural light, a few lamps can brighten the room.

Shapes & Materials

When choosing your furniture and décor, consider the 5 elements represented in Feng Shui: metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. These elements are represented in certain shapes and materials.

The shapes that represent the 5 elements are:

  • • Round, oval, and arch = metal
  • • Wave and free-flowing = water
  • • Rectangle = wood
  • • Sharp points and triangles = fire
  • • Square = earth

The materials that represent these elements are:

  • • Metals = metal
  • • Ponds and water fountains = water
  • • Wood, plants, and flowers = wood
  • • Lighting objects = fire
  • • Ceramic and porcelain = earth

You don’t have to be a chippy, or spend a lot of money, to create a free-flowing home. By following these tips and suggestions, creating an atmosphere of energy is easy.

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