Kids Korner – How to encourage reading!

How to get them to reading the books on a budget?

Here’s yet another parent dilemma. Get them off the screen and into the home library. We all know the reason why. Screens aren’t good for them and books are. Right! But what can we do even from an early age to help them happily choose a book over a screen and still maintain our budget.

Having a selection of books on hand that they enjoy. We usually know what they choose to watch on tv. Is there a book in the same story. Often there is so this is the way to get them started.

Another hint that we can take from kindergartens and Pre-Schools is displaying their books in a way they can easily choose one to read at will. If they need to rummage through a pile of books their will to read will start to diminish.

Now there is no excuse for not putting it back in the right spot either!

Where should they read?

Well anywhere really just like us they can choose the time and the place but here are some hints:

Finding a quiet spot to place a special chair could increase their love of that special time with a favourite book.  Kids chairs at kids sizes are available, try these ones.

Encourage bedtime reading by having a few books placed next to the bed for them to peruse before sleep. Definitely better than staring at a screen before sleep which we now know can have a detrimental effect on kids and adults.

The bathroom is often a reading place for adults so why not have a basket of kids books for them to grab to read as well. There are many options for finding storage without breaking your budget.

Do they have a favourite outdoor area with toys? Don’t forget to have some books handy for them to relax and read in the great out doors as well.

There are quite a few storage options for books. Not only bookcases but baskets and storage boxes will do if you are short on space.

Parents can only do their best to help kids read. Above all patience and kindness with a bit of persistance and your efforts will be rewarded and so will theirs.

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