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In Australia our weather allows us to live outdoors for many months of the year. For that reason we love our outdoor furniture and spend a significant amount to make the outdoors a little more like the indoors providing a place for eating, working, sleeping and enjoying nature. So if you live in Victoria you will be looking for cheap outdoor furniture Melbourne.

Consider your space

How can you spend your dollars wisely and create a beautiful space on a budget? Firstly consider the size of your patio or deck. How much furniture can you comfortably place in your outdoor living area without it looking cluttered? Also do you want to lounge around or sit at an outdoor dining table which you can use for entertaining or working? Like any purchase you make online be sure to check the size of the furniture carefully before you make a purchase. Sometimes products can look significantly larger in a picture so take 5 minutes to get out a measuring tape, check the size of your space and visualize how big your furniture will need to be to fit comfortably in that space.

What can you do if your outdoor space is small? Firstly consider furniture that can be stacked away when not in use or a compact dining setting which allows you to entertain in style and then be tucked away. Look for a setting that has extra stools that can be stowed way and brought out when extra seating is required. Do you live in a Townhouse or a unit? You can still have a small outdoor table or a couple of chairs we provide for all families at Budget Furniture Online.
We are especially focused on helping people find cheap outdoor furniture Melbourne.

Another option is the Modular lounge. Not only is this a very comfortable solution for seating it will also provide enough seating to spread out and have a snooze. Add to that they are also reconfigurable, meaning now you have the choice to change your furniture layout and enjoy the a change now and then. Another option is to choose a setting with an Ottoman which also can be used as a chaise when you feel like stretching out. Another awesome advantage – especially if you’re on a budget – is that modular lounges can be added to in time when you have some more dollars to spend. At BFO we have a huge selection of modular lounges check them out.

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Of course Decor is important outside too. Consider Decor that is adaptable and doesn’t mind the weather. An outdoor clock is not only handy but creates a homely feel. If you’re not a green thumb there are some great outdoor plants around these days to give your place some green.

No matter how big or small your space, don’t limit yourself on design! Adding flowers and plants will help create an oasis or just somewhere you really want to be to relax. Look for a bit of variety by adding grassy shrubs, architectural plants , and succulents – the more variety the better. Try mixing things up by creating an eclectic look with your planters. Use unique materials, shapes and sizes to add a more collected look to your patio or balcony space!

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