How to work from home on the Internet

With the current crisis facing the world today the question of working from home is now set to make a real difference in surviving the future with financial security.  There is no doubt shoppers are going to look for online internet solutions rather than venture out into the virus pandemic that the world now faces.

What sort of alternatives are out there for those wanting to know how to work from home on the internet.  First let me tell you my story and how I came to be writing this blog on working from home. Just so you don’t fall into the same trap I did.

Learning to run a  website – My Story

A few years back I broke my foot and was forced to stay at home for 6 weeks while I recovered. Subsequently I had time on my hands and thought now would be a good time for me to learn something new.

So began the journey of trying to find the best job to do while working from home. I was over getting up at the crack of dawn and rushing around trying to get to work on time. And for that matter having to drive so dam far every day.

Long story short in the end I paid $11,000 to a company that had ‘ready made’ online stores for sale. It came with the promise that they would teach me everything I need to know about how to make a website profitable. Did they deliver what they promised? Yes they did.  One problem though?  I didn’t  know what skills were needed and I completely trusted that they would teach me everything I would need to know.

I realised this company focused mostly on teaching its clients about Facebook advertising. Now don’t get me wrong Facebook works for some but I found it very expensive . Unless you’ve got a Masters in marketing you just watch your money going down the Facebook drain.

Then I paid for Google Shopping and didn’t fair much better.  Once again I was not focused on Search Engine Optimization.  This company had really fallen short of an important aspect of teaching the basics of online work. 

So I had to learn the hard way. I bought an SEO program called Yoast. This a program that plugs into your website. It tells you how your going with your optimizing. Yoast guides you by using traffic lights. Red light means try again, Orange light means almost and Green light means you’ve nailed it. Very easy to use and they send great educational emails.

This was all well and good but I still didn’t understand a few important aspects of SEO that I’ve since learned.  Wow! I wish I had known all this a few years ago I could have saved myself some heartache.

All is not lost though as I’ve found a new and better way to learn.

How did I find this new company?

Just recently I became aware that I needed to build another website. This time I knew not to buy a ready made store.  I started searching for another way to build the kind of website I needed. In my search I found a company claiming to teach you quite a few different skills. So I investigated.

In comes Wealthy Affiliate.

So initially when I began investigating Wealthy Affiliate this is what they claimed.

  1. They will teach you step by step how to build your very own website in minutes.
  2. They will teach you how to write informative, customer serving blogs. Also give you the tools to make writing easier.
  3. They have this great search tool to help you research what your audiences are looking for on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Then you write blogs based on these popular phrase searches.  In short SEO.

So you can imagine I was intrigued to find out more.  But of course I was wondering how much all this was going to cost?

So what’s the catch?

To begin with I found that they definitely delivered what they promised me. You can check out my new website that I’ve build from scratch here.

Is what they promise all you need? As a person starting out. I thinks so! If you are lost in the training that’s not the end.   I was surprised at the effectiveness of the other advantage to Wealthy Affiliate. This company fosters an awesome community. Its overflowing with people that want to give you the answers. I’ve never seen anything like it.

What I found when I searched for an online educator.

   Yes, you will have a site in minutes. However it takes time to build content.

  • Will you learn to write informative blogs?
  • Yes and they provide an awesome writing tool that is free. You will be the one writing the blogs though.  Its fun!
  • Will you learn how to optimize your new website?
  • Yes, you will learn the importance of writing blogs regularly.  What to write about and how to do product reviews.  Also how to find the best key words to focus on in your said topic.

I’m happy to say if you give it the time. It won’t take long and you will be writing and optimizing. That’s when you will start to get visitors to your new website.

We’ve all seen this image or one like it before!

Image result for image of a woman with a laptop at the beach

Yes the dream of working beside the pool or on the beach.  Personally I’ve found that position not so comfortable. These guys in the photo don’t look too comfy either. So don’t be fooled by these pictures. When its time for a holiday ditch the laptop and enjoy some time off. 

Can you have time off if you own a website?

Yes you can but you need to set it up right from the beginning.

That’s where viewing affiliate marketing is an investment that will work for you while you are sleeping or holidaying. So stick to writing blogs and product reviews. Then find companies in your niche that offer affiliate commissions and learn how to monetize your website. This is all the stuff you will learn how to do.

Too many companies promising but not delivering

So what are your options here.  For starters! Don’t part with your money until you know if this is for you.

Its free to investigate with Wealthy Affiliate click here and check it out for yourself.  You can get a website up and running and start learning without any financial commitment. Bit of a no brainer in my opinion!

So where should you go from here?

Follow these very simple steps if you want to work at home and be successful.

1. Find what you’re passionate about! You will be writing heaps so you need to enjoy it.

2. Start by creating a free website using Wealthy Affiliate. It seriously doesn’t take long.

3. Ask yourself this is question! Am I ready to commit to learning? If so you will be able to work from   home with a website made from scratch?

If you are patient, and hone your writing skills (if you’re not a master already) you will be able to enjoy residual income for many years to come?

For me this is not a get rich quick scheme. Nope this a long term plan. But I  know I need to take action now in order to retire with my hubby in about 5 years. For you maybe you’re motivate by the Corona Virus Pandemic and want some better options.  

Whatever your reasons. I wish you well with your endeavors. If you would like to ask me more about Wealthy Affiliate I’m more than happy to give you my honest feed back.

Just flick me an email or comment on this post.